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Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever waited by the phone, or dialed and hung up, or gone back to the last place you saw your lover ... just in case? Have you ever loved and lost; or loved and fought to win only to discover that there was nothing wrong in the first place? Can old lovers become friends? Can old friends become lovers? Do you believe that love and laughter make even the worst of times much, much better? Have you ever lain awake at night wondering why falling in love is so easy, while staying in love can be so hard.

Delphi Productions is pleased to present the Canadian premiere of CabaRomantico, an intimate Concert Cabaret starring Alfie Zappacosta and Janet MacEwen.

Delphi Productions is a new Canadian production company founded by Peter Gingras and Dan Legault.

Contact details:

Peter Gingras email ph. 647-231-0549
Dan Legault email ph. 416-727-5401

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